Information for Year 11 Parents & Carers about GCSE Qualifications

Information for Year 11 Parents & Carers about GCSE Qualifications


Dear Year 11 Parents and Carers,


Earlier today, I sent a letter to all families with general information regarding the closure of the school.


I am writing this letter to you to explain the announcements that have been made by the government in the last 24 hours regarding GCSE examinations and how this will affect your child and their ongoing education.


What we know

Yesterday the government announced that the GCSE examinations planned for May and June would be cancelled. They have also said that ‘teacher assessments’ would be used to provide grades for each child in the qualifications for which they are entered. In addition, school performance tables (‘league tables’) will not be published for this year group.


What is currently unclear

At this moment schools have not been told when or how the teacher assessments will be carried out. We also do not know if or how there will be any national checking or verification of each school’s results. We do ask that all students return to us any exercise books, sketch books or other relevant material that will help their teachers to award them the most appropriate GCSE grade – please see below for the details of this.


What this means for your child

We understand that this news will be extremely shocking and upsetting for your child, coming as it does at the very end of five years of hard work that have been leading to the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and talents in all their subjects.

  • We will keep in touch with all students during the extended closure to check on their welfare and provide updates on further information relating to their education
  • Learning opportunities will be available through Microsoft Teams for those students who wish to continue to use them and prepare for the next level of their education


Please see my earlier letter for further information relating to the school closure and arrangements for vulnerable children and children of key workers.


If you have any questions relating to the contents of this letter, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Yours faithfully,


M A Kadir al Hasan

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