Our Mission

  • At The British Muslim School we aspire to ensure that all pupils are successful learners, responsible citizens, confident individuals and effective contributors and are ready to take their place in wider community.
  • To educate our young people to achieve all they can within a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment.
  • To develop ambitious, resilient young adults and prepare them for future experiences that will allow them to participate successfully within the wider community.
  • To provide opportunities for the young generation to identify and fulfill their academic, moral, social and spiritual potentials. Furthermore, to prepare themselves as the ambassadors of the future who shall be able to make significant contributions to the world.

We aim to:

  • Meet learners’ needs through providing innovative, high quality learning experiences.
  • Offer a challenging and dynamic curriculum which has breadth, pace and depth.
  • Promote social inclusion through partnerships and experiences within the wider community.
  • Promote collaboration, interdisciplinary learning and leadership opportunities at all levels.
  • Promote a healthy, active lifestyle recognising the importance of sustainability and protecting our environment.
  • Actively encourage involvement of all stakeholders in the life of the school and to recognise and value that contribution.
  • Ensure fairness and equality permeates all aspects of school life.

Our Staff

  • We have a team of qualified, experienced, dedicated and inspirational staff who are committed to delivering the highest standards of education for every child in the school The staffing structure has been designed to facilitate learning, pursue progress and promote well-being for our students. We strongly believe that excellent staffs are essential to delivering an outstanding education. The British Muslim School's Senior Leadership Team (SMT) is headed by the principal, and he is supported by a dynamic team of senior leaders and staff. Their individual name and profile shall be made available to all parents at the beginning of each academic year.

Development Progress

  • Alhamdulillah, Phase A of this Complex, the Boarding Madrasah Site, has been fully renovated and our Boarding Madrasah has now moved in.
  • However, there remain a further 3 phases that are to be renovated. The preparation work to build the Conference/Banqueting Hall is in progress.
  • We are progressing to commence the renovation work to the Masjid area within the Complex. The Masjid will facilitate a large number of both male and female, though separate, Insha’Allah. Thus we need about £500, 000 to complete the necessary work to open the Masjid.
  • Since the commencement of the project, we have thus far spent £1.4 million, of which a significant amount is Qard- e-Hasanah. Therefore, we need a huge helping hand to return these funds as well.