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Thank you for choosing The British Muslim School.

Before starting this application, please check you have all the required electronic documents available (Photocopies of your child’s passport, birth certificate, most recent school report, a letter from your GP stating your child is fit to attend a boarding school [if applicable], a passport size photo). If you don’t have a photocopier, you can download a Scanner App on your smart phone. On the day of admission you will be required to present the original copy of the birth certificate.

Please fill in all the details below.

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    Please note that deliberately withholding any information may result in your child loosing their place from The British Muslim School.

    Required Documents

    Rules and Conditions

    1. All children will have to pass the admission test in both curriculum subjects and Islamic studies.
    2. Disclosure of all previous character and conduct is necessary.
    3. All children must attend the class unless there is a medical reason or it has been authorised by the Principal.
    4. All children must observe due care towards other children, attend daily prayers, must wear uniform to class and must pay greater respect to Islamic etiquettes.
    5. No child must leave the building without the consent of the Principal or an authorised person, as this will result in the child being reprimanded.
    6. After the vacation or short leave, the child must return to the Institution at the appointed time and date.
    7. To insult teachers, staff or a member of the community is an inexcusable offence and any child found to be guilty of such behaviour would be liable for sanctions/dismissal.
    8. The British Muslim School reserves the right to dismiss any student when it deems necessary.
    9. If in any event a child has to be sent home, then the parent/s or the guardian/s will have to, without delay or objection, make arrangements for the child to return home.
    10. Attendance of all examination for advancement into the following academic year is compulsory.
    11. Incomplete or false information provided by the parents/ guardians may invalidate the child’s application.
    12. All the necessary fees must be paid on time.
    13. The parents/guardians must bear the cost of all uniforms.
    14. All the above rules and conditions and any other rules and conditions deemed necessary must be adhered to.


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