Absence Procedures

If your child is going to be absent from school, then you must inform the school and follow the correct procedures, below.

Absence Authorisation

Achievement predicted by teaching staff is based on ‘Regular’ attendance which we expect to be 97% and above. Students with poor attendance rarely achieve their potential grades.

Illness is authorised at the discretion of the school.

Absence of 5 or more days must be supported by medical evidence.

Absence of 5 or more consecutive days without supporting medical evidence will not be authorised*.

*Unauthorised Absence may then be subject to a Penalty Notice from the Local Authority.

A Penalty Notice may be issued for 10 sessions of unauthorised absence or more (including family holidays in term time).

The Local Authority prosecute parent/ carers if Penalty Notices are unpaid.

Please Note: Students who accumulate 3 or more episodes of illness, of any length, in any half term, may be asked to provide medical evidence for ALL subsequent absences.

Reporting Absence

  • All absences must be reported before 10am each day. Illness is authorised at the discretion of the school.
  • If you know your child is going to be absent in advance please let us know as soon as possible. Contact the school office on 0121 516 2264.
  • Written notification giving details of absence can be handed in at Reception on return to school.

Returning to School

On return to school following 5 or more days of absence, medical evidence must be handed in at Reception. If evidence is not received after one week, the period of absence will not be authorised and may attract a Penalty Notice. 

A ‘Return to School’ meeting may be arranged in order to ensure your child is aware of the support available in school to help them reduce the impact absence can have on their learning.

Examples of Authorised Absence
  • Hospital or Orthodontist appointment supported with appointment letter.
  • College/Connexions/Employment Interview (evidence required).
  • Funeral (1 day only).
  • Reported Illness of 3 days or less (unless medical evidence has been specifically requested)
  • Illness of 5 or more days supported with medical evidence or a Home Visit.
  • Emergency Doctor or Dental appointments (Evidence Required) *Routine appointments should be made outside of school hours.
Examples of Unauthorised Absence
  • Leave of Absence NOT approved by school.
  • Absence NOT reported on the day or supported by written explanation upon return to school.
  • Absence of 5 or more days WITHOUT medical evidence or Home Visit.
  • Routine Doctor/Dental appointments.
  • Arriving late after registers have closed.
  • Reported Illness NOT authorised by the school.
  • Family holidays during term time.
Examples of Medical Evidence
  • Medical Appointment Card confirming attendance.
  • Medical Appointment Letter.
  • Copy of Prescription showing name and date.
  • Prescribed medication with Pharmacist label showing name and date.
  • Unfit for School declaration from GP/Consultant.
  • Hospital discharge letter.

A home visit may be required if medical evidence is unavailable for absence of 3 days or more. Authorisation of absence will then be at the discretion of the visiting officer.

Absence of 5 days or more and absence prior to, or following, a school closure may also be followed up with a Home Visit in order to ensure the safeguarding of children absent from school.

Home Visits may also be necessary should absence not be reported or explained.

In some cases home visits may be conducted during school closures.