Chief Patron’s Message

  • Nahmaduhu Wa Nusalli A’la Rasoolihil Karim.
  • By the grace of Allah Subanahu Wa Ta’Ala we are proud to state that the Madrasah has been running successfully since it has started. This has been possible only as a result of a dedicated team of staff, management, volunteers and most importantly the moral support from the community.
  • I hope the Madrasah will prosper and fulfil your dream in Islamic and Curriculum Education, InShah Allah.
  • We need your support and assistance to achieve our goals in every aspect for the Madrasah. May Allah Subanahu Wa Ta’Ala accept our Khidmah and give us tawfiq to strive for his deen – Aamen.
  • Allah Hafiz,
  • Allamah Mufti Gias Uddin Choudhury Fultali
  • Chief Patron
  • The British Muslim School