Home – School Agreement

Getting involved with your child’s education can make a significant difference to their chances of success.

I (the parent/guardian) agree to:
  1. Fully support my child with his homework, exam revision and other opportunities for home learning by providing at home a quiet, calm environment, without any distractions (TV, mobile phones, magazines etc.) each evening, weekend and during holidays.
  2. Make the school aware of any concerns or problems that might affect my child’s work or behaviour.
  3. Ensure that my child attends regularly and punctually; is collected promptly; to inform the office by phone before 9.00am if my child is going to be absent and to provide a written note/the original letter for any medical appointments on his return.
  4. Ensure that my child’s attendance does not fall below 95% for any given term and we understand that if the attendance falls below this figure then the school reserves the right to ask me to find an alternative school. This is in the best interest of the child because we understand that my child cannot make educational progress if attendance is low.
  5. Ensure that my child has a tidy appearance and is always in correct uniform; brings his books, homework diary and homework book and I understand that the school reserves the right to send my child home if he is not in correct uniform.
  6. Attend termly parent’s evenings; annual presentation day and annual review meeting.
  7. I will pay the tuition fees and all other necessary fees on time.
  8. Become familiar with the school academic calendar which incorporates Ramadan, Eid and Hajj holidays and to avoid during term time any family holidays or commitments or arrange non-emergency appointments with doctors, dentists, opticians etc.
  9. Check, write comment(s) and sign my child’s homework diary every week and to inform the Principal in writing if our child is not receiving enough homework.
  10. Teach my child to respect their environment, their own and other people’s property, themselves and other people regardless of age gender, race, religion or disability and most importantly the British values. 
  11. Teach my child good behaviour.
  12. To check achievement targets for my child with the teacher. If I am not satisfied I must inform the teacher and discuss the matter and mutually agree a revised target. I will inform the Principal in writing within 15 days of the parent consultation if I am not happy with the revised target.
  13. I understand that if my child is bullying anyone at school I will fully support the school to eradicate this pattern of behaviour.
  14. I ensure that my child will attend extra curriculum activities/clubs and I will collect him at the time given by the School.
  15. If my child is given detentions/sanctions for after school, I will collect him at the time given by the school. 
I (the student) agree to:
  1. Always work quietly and to the best of my ability; to complete class work, homework; prepare and revise for exams.
  2. Keep my parents informed of the work done during the day and review homework diary with my parents and obtain their signature.
  3. To pass on any letters or other information sent by the school to my parents.
  4. Follow teachers instructions, school rules and to be polite, courteous, caring, responsible and respectful to my teachers, to my fellow pupils and to others.
  5. Always bring to school required books and homework diary.
  6. Always wear the correct uniform and be tidy in appearance.
  7. Take care and respect equipment, furniture, buildings and other properties and to ensure that the school of free from litter and graffiti.
  8. Not to call anyone by a name other than their proper name and to keep my hands and feet to myself.
  9. To be courageous and speak out and inform my teacher in school straightaway and parents if I am being bullied (harassed). Bullying is defined in school as: name calling, physical aggression, threats, and spreading rumours and is part of a pattern of behaviour rather than an isolated incident. (Includes extortion, assault, blackmail, incitement to racial hatred).
  10. To attend daily prayers and to pay greater respect to Islamic etiquettes and British Values. 
The British Muslim School (BMS) agrees to:
  1. Provide a happy secure Islamic environment in which every pupil has the opportunity to discover and realise his full potential.
  2. Arrange termly parents evenings per academic year during which general progress of the pupils will be discussed with class teachers.
  3. Send reports to parents at the end of the academic year.
  4. Arrange an Annual Presentation Day to celebrate the achievement of pupils and an Annual Review meeting with individual parents and pupils.
  5. Inform parents about activities and events through newsletters or other letters.
  6. Inform parents about any concerns regarding attendance, punctuality, behaviour and uniform.
  7. Provide homework book to be returned at the agreed time.
  8. Any report of bullying will be dealt with in line with the Anti-Bullying Policy