The school uniform is designed to reinforce the spirit of excellence. 

It is smart and practical, encourages pupils to take pride in being part of their school and enables them to act as ambassadors for The British Muslim School. The uniform is also designed to portray a professional and responsible-like image. High standards of presentation are required at all times when wearing the school uniform, with clean clothes, tidy hair and no jewellery (except where agreed on grounds of faith). Whenever the school uniform is worn, it must be complete and not mixed with non-uniform clothing.

We insist that school uniform is worn by all students during school hours, whilst travelling to and from school and on all other occasions. 

Standard Uniform

Every student must wear a white Jubba or Kurta. The Jubba should hang below the knees and be above the ankles.

All trousers should be white and above the ankles.

A white topi must be worn at all times.

A navy blue blazer with our school Logo on or a V-neck jumper with our school Logo on should be worn.

Blue socks

Low heeled PLAIN black shoes (internal heel below 2 inches). Shoes with coloured soles or markings, sandals, trainers or canvas shoes (including pumps) are not acceptable. Footwear extending above the ankle is only acceptable for journeys to and from school in bad weather. Students must change into approved footwear in the school buildings.

Physical Education Kit

Black/Grey Track suit

Black shorts below knee level, Polo neck t-shirt

Black socks and black Trainers

Out of School Hours Clothing

Boarders shall wear decent and modest casual clothes. 

Students are not allowed to wear designer tops, jackets or trousers which have large writing, inscriptions i.e. stripes, logos. Neither are they allowed to wear any form of denim clothing, tracksuit tops/bottoms or shell suits. They may wear tracksuits or shell suits specifically for sports activities only.

Haircuts, Hair Styles and Beards

Students should have their hair cut short. All hair should be cut to the same length. Short back, front and sides, step cuts etc. are not allowed.

Students are required to keep their beard to reflect and respect their faith.


An inexpensive wrist watch is the only item of jewellery allowed. Other jewellery may be allowed where agreed on grounds of faith

School Bags

A school bag is essential and all students are expected to bring one to school each day.

Mobile Phones

The school recommends parents not to send their child with a mobile phone. However, if a parent wishes his child to have a mobile phone for contact purposes only then they must inform the school.

Students are not allowed to have mobile phones with them in school (This will only be allowed if handed in to the office immediately upon arrival and collect them after school)

If a student fails to hand in his mobile phone after arrival to the school for 3 occasions then his phone will be confiscated and will not be returned to him until the end of the term.

Any inappropriate use of a mobile phone could lead to suspension or even expulsion.

We would also like you to know that:

Students should not bring into school any items that may be a threat to the health and safety of themselves or others, e.g. laser pens, knives or imitation guns. If students are found in possession of a dangerous item they risk exclusion.

School Life